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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

 By the grace of Almighty Allah “Home for peace” is not only the slogan of our company but we also really mean it. With this noble vision and mission we have started our journey from January 2003 and since then we are serving our respected clients, honorable land owners and flat owners with their entire satisfaction by providing modern architectural design .Also within a short span of time, Nirapad Real Estate & Development Ltd has grown into a renowned and dependable Organization,building elegant ,aesthetically pleasing structure that grace The Dhaka as finest neighborhoods. We have come along way up to here and at present more then a decade on real estate business as trusted builders for our valued clients. We feel great honor and pleasure that, we already been handed over many projects. Thanks to Almighty Allah, we can serve appropriately for our valuable customers within targeted time. In all the lucrative residential areas in and around the city.

 We hope “Nirapad Real Estate & Development Ltd” can become a popular corporate house for all customers and for all conscious people. May Almighty Allah bless us all to serve our beloved customers and our country people in the best possible manner.




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